ORGAFAT – Energy source for ruminants to improve milk production, quality and increase fertility

ORGAFAT is a rumen inert or stable fat in granulated dry form. It is originated from the physical fractionation of refined, bleached and deodorized palm oil. This product contains high amount of palmitic acid which is the key type of fatty acid that can bypass the rumen and turn into energy source and become butter fat.

Product Brief Description

ORGAFAT is the latest generation of rumen bypass fat powder produce by STILLWATER.
One of the greatest challenges for dairy cow is to get cattle consume sufficient amount energy, especially during the early lactation period. Energy intake can be maximized by increasing density in the diet. This can be achieved by introducing fat into the total feed diet.
ORGAFAT has been shown to provide many benefits for dairy cows during lactation. The addition of fat not only helps cows to satisfy energy needs, but increases milk production, maintain body conditions and improves reproductive performance.
ORGAFAT rumen bypass fat is a white even granule beads providing high energy in dairy feed ingredients. Unlike others fat source, this unique product does not interfere with rumen fermentation and is highly digestible.This product is used as a source of energy in rumen feed.

Major Ingredients & Specifications

ORGAFAT major ingredients are refined palm oil.

Typical Application

ORGAFAT is specially designed for ruminant inclusive cow, cattle, goat and sheep which required balanced blend of fatty acids.

Packing & Storage Information

ORGAFAT are available in 25kg bag.
Store in cool, ventilated area and avoid direct sunlight .
Product shelf life: 12 months from the manufacturing date.

Usage Application

Appropriate dosage depends on the type of animal, the level of dietary energy, as well as the amount of milk and milk stage. In actual production, it is needed to add fat nutrition and other management measures. Diet should be gradually changed within 2-3 week.